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Coffee Cardigans

Catherine Force:

Voice Actor


Eco-friendly NoteCards


Our eco-friendly note cards are our own photography displayed for you on 100% post-consumer papers with soy-based ink and water-based coatings.  Our note cards enable you to send your congratulations, sympathies, or best wishes while showing you care for the natural environment. 

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Coffee Cardigans

Our trademark Coffee Cardigans are the stylish, environmentally friendly way to keep your java warm.  They are the recycled, reusable, washable replacement for those cardboard sleeves the coffee shops give you.  Keep one in your purse, one in your car, and one in your office and save paper and trees daily!  While the best option of course is to have a reusable travel mug, we all know that there are days when we may not be prepared.  In that case...the Coffee Cardigan is the perfect answer.

Coffee Cardigans are made of recycled wool and buttons.  Stylish and affordable, Coffee Cardigans make a great gift for secret santas, teachers, thank-you gifts for volunteers, moms who help run carpool...the list goes on.  Buy several and have them on hand when you need them!
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Catherine Force: Voice Actor
Catherine is one of the owners of Pure Perspectives.  And true to the diversity behind the company, she is also a voice actor.  You can contact her directly or visit her webpages on voice123.com/catherineforce or voices.com/people/catherineforce.  If you have a need for voiceover work, check out her material.  You'll be pleased you did!